10 Problems Only Virgins Understand

I’m a virgin, but I’m not waiting for the love of my life to lose it. I’m just, you know, looking forward to doing it with a guy who doesn’t totally suck. But it’s pretty hard to deal with all of the ridiculous stereotypes that virgins have to deal with, especially when you’re a virgin post-high school or college. It’s like everyone either thinks you’re on your way to becoming a nun or you’re super socially inept. Shocker: Neither is true!

Here are 10 problems that only virgins understand.


1. When you tell someone you’re interested in that you’re a virgin and they freak the hell out.

dion scared

2. Understanding that if you disclose your virginity to someone that they might assume you’re going to be super clingy if you have sex with them.


3. You’re listening to your friends talk about all their wild sexcapades and you’re sitting there like…

heathers winona emotional

4. Wondering how to respond when people are shocked at your v-card status. (Are you surprised that I’m not having sex, like, all the time?)

kristen wigg shock snl

5. You’ve spent so much time psyching up sex in your head that you’re a little scared to actually doing it.

nervous that's so raven

6. Your gynocologist/doctor is skeptical whenever you tell them that you haven’t had sex yet.

evan rachel wood sunglasses skeptical

No, I’m not just too embarrassed to tell you…I seriously haven’t had sex yet.

7. Whenever you’re given free condoms you’re like, “Haha, I wish.”

condoms the simpsons

8. People always assume that just because you haven’t had sex yet that you’re a massive prude.

fake gasp lisa bonet

9. Your friends give you sex and relationship advice when you’re not even asking for any.

beavis and butthead shut up

10. Be honest, there are moments where you’re pretty sure that you’re never going to have sex because it’s been so long. It’s like you’re off to the nunnery.


But it’s going to happen…it will. It will!


Are you also a virgin who has to deal with a lot of stupid assumptions?  What’s the most annoying thing about being a virgin? Tell us in the comments

Written by: Ashley Reese