12 signs your crush fancies you too

When it comes to dating, it can be difficult to know if someone really likes you or if they just see you as a friend.

Is the man you are talking to keen to see you again or secretly wondering there the fire exit is?

It’s not easy to read them if you don’t know what to look for.

1. The look of love

If he keeps looking at the ‘flirting triangle’ which goes between your eyes and your mouth then he probably can’t stop thinking about how he’d like to kiss you.

2. Eyebrow flash

Watch for this tiny little movement, where he quickly raises his eyebrows.

You’ll need to keep an eye out, though, as it only lasts about a fifth of a second.

3. It’s all in the eyes

The eyes will give away the biggest clues to whether or not they fancy you.

If they like you then their pupils will get much bigger.

More importantly, it’s a great sign if you find them looking at you just a little bit longer than they should.

4. Scan from ground up

Once he has established eye contact, he will be tempted to give your body a quick sweep.

This will be from bottom to top.

Feet, legs, crotch, torso, breasts, shoulders and then face.

He’ll try to do it as subtlety as possible as he won’t want to blatantly check you out.

5. The classic cowboy stance

If a man stands directly opposite you with his hands in his pockets pointing towards his genitals then he is more than likely highly attracted to you.

It’s his way of displaying his masculinity.

If he is genuinely confident and does it naturally he can pull it off. However, if he’s faking it then he can look downright absurd!

6. Acting the clown


It’s natural for men to try to show off in order to impress you.

So they might do something a bit over the top to be sure they have your attention.

7. Good grooming

Is he constantly playing with his watch or smoothing down his hair?

These preening gestures show that he wants you to see him at his very best.

8. Narrowing the gap


It’s always a great sign if he tries to close down the distance between you.

This might mean he sits next to you rather than opposite, or tries to touch you lightly while you are speaking.

9. Focus

If a guy likes you then he’ll find himself blinking more than normal.

If he blinks more than 10 times a minute then he could be lusting after you.

10. The head tilt

The head tilt

If he wants to appear non-threatening and friendly, he’ll tilt his head to one side.

This also gives the impression he is paying close attention to what you are saying.

11. Remember the rule of four

Body language isn’t an exact science and it’s easy to misread it.

That’s why you need to look for at least four positive signals in quick succession.

If you are seeing lots of them then chances are things are going very very well.

12. Don’t worry too much

Some men will cross their arms and look away.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t interested.

They might be shy or trying to form a protective barrier.

If you like them, give them a chance and hopefully they will open up.