19 Questions To Help You Know Yourself Better | Adesanya Oluwatobi

As a young inquisitive lady, the core of my desires for finding happiness and peace is to live a life of purpose and impacts which served as a stepping stone for making me to discover who I am. Trying to achieve these things all i was able to do was to ask myself what life has in stock for me and to find out hidden things about myself. Now I believe there are a lot of people just like me out there, while some are just driven in the “Sapien” cycle with no intent of knowing much of the things about themselves. Therefore I would like to find out “How much do you know yourself”?

Sometimes I get stuck, bugged but have just got to ask these question over and over again. The more I do, the more I see things that weren’t visible or feels not feasible to me. These questions have served as one of the guides to my ways, it has significantly changed the way I relate with or live for people and things around me.

Self-knowledge is a key to a happy life and for a happy life being built, it has to be on the solid foundation of your own nature and self. Here are a few of my questions I try to ask myself;

What am I, an introvert/ extrovert; a pessimist/ optimist/ realist?

What do I like about myself

What are my goals in life i.e short/ long- term and how do I live for them?What are my strengths and weaknesses? How confident am I in my abilities to make decisions?


What new activities do I do or interested in to have fun when am down?What am I ashamed of and how do I plan to face them?

What are my values? What is my biggest self-limiting belief?How well do I relate with money at hand?

If something is forbidden, do I want more or less of it?

What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind?

If am to make a single wish, what will it be that it be granted?

What gives me comfort in my own mortality?

How much time or resource do I spend looking for things I can’t find?How have I been able to show myself self-compassion and self-care?

What does my inner critique tell me about my doings?

What is my favourite book, movie, food, colour, pet etc?

What are the things that matter to me?What is my biggest failure and proudest accomplishment so far?


What is my happiest memory ever?   As I have listed my part, here goes a question for you all. What other questions would you like to include to this list, to help people get understanding on how to know themselves better? As this is a very crucial and important part of one’s life to ensure in the continuity of the human cycle.

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ADESANYA OLUWATOBILOBA,   A Medical student, College of medicine, University of Ibadan, Oyo state. She is a member of Primebella Initiatives (A non governmental organisation where young females are trained and equipped to build their future). Oluwatobiloba likes art, fashion, music and focuses on improving love-driven relationships. Her hobbies are; travelling, cooking, and meeting new people. She’s also into food and event planning and currently resides at Ibadan, Nigeria.