20 First Date Ideas Other Than Dinner & A Movie

20 First Date Ideas Other Than Dinner & A Movie

First dates can be quite intimidating. From asking the person out on the date to trying to think of conversation starters during — it’s enough to make you a bottle of nerves. Now, add in trying to think of the perfect first date idea, and you’ve got yourself a one-way ticket to stressful town. If you’re hoping to impress your date, why not think outside of the dating box? I’m not saying the classic dinner and a movie date is a bad idea, but it might be a little played out. So, if you’re willing to spice things up, here are some different first date ideas that will hopefully lead you to a second date.

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Get high together—on a hike, that is. Get your endorphins going as you both hike up a trail. You are getting to know each other in a beautiful environment. What could be better?

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Ice Skating

Not only is this date a cool idea, but it will have you two laughing as you two try to find your inner Michelle Kwan or Johnny Weir.

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Don’t be picky — have a picnic. Grab some essential picnic items (blanket, snacks, something to drink, etc.) and relax on this first date.

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Get Your Museum On

Bring your date to a museum and get your knowledge on. Hopefully this date will be a work of art.

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Beer Bliss

Go to your local brewery and get some beer flights. Test out of the beers as you test out the connection between you two.

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Animal House

Get wild and take your date to the zoo. All of the animals are great conversation starters when that awkward silence comes along.

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Cooking Class

Spice up your date with a little cooking action. A cooking class is a great way to get to know each other and to see if your date has the ingredients that you are looking for.

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Get creative for this first date and show your colors of the world.

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Wine Tasting

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine? Well then, who doesn’t love a glass of wine for a first date? I rest my case.

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Must Love Dogs

If you both have dogs, take your dogs to a dog park together or go on a walk and bring your fluffy pals along.

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Watch The Sunset

Watch the beautiful sunset fall, as you watch yourself falling for your date, and vice versa.

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Find your inner Lance Armstrong and bike on your first date. No training wheels necessary.

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Let the games begin! Invite your date to play games with you at your local arcade and let your competitive and fun spirit show.

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Your date will be a total strike with this idea.

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Comedy Club

There’s nothing like a good laugh. And, there’s nothing like a good laugh and a good first date. Take your date to the comedy club and see if he or she has a similar sense of humor.

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Trivia Night

What better to get to know your date and random pop culture facts than a night involving trivia. Take your date to a trivia night at a bar and see how well you two get along and how well you know your stuff.

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Image: Wexner Center/Flickr


Let your date shine by watching the stars together. During the night, you’ll see if the stars have aligned for you two.

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Do A Duet

This date idea is for the less shy. Belt it out with one another at a karaoke bar and see if you’ve got a Sunny and Cher kind of romance.

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Fortune Teller

Go see a psychic together. Not only is it fun and entertaining, it’s also a great way to see if this date will make it to number two — just ask the fortune teller. Will it be a fortune or misfortune?

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Get Your Game On

Show off your game while watching a game. Take your date to a hockey game, or bring him or her along to a basketball game. Watch baseball together and see if the date’s a hit.

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