25 Romantic Ideas to Do and Make Your Lover Melt in Love!

25 Romantic Ideas to Do and Make Your Lover Melt in Love!

Nothing compares to the feeling of being head over heels in love. You can’t help but smile, you have a spring in your step, and you feel like you are walking on sunshine. Then, after you settle into a comfortable routine, you start to feel that your sizzle is starting to fizzle.

There are tons of ways to rekindle that spark or just keep it burning as bright as before. Both men and women agree that a little romance goes a long way to keep that loving feeling.

  1. Hop on a Plane
    Remember you couldn’t get enough of each other, and the vacations you took together were to die for? Spending quality time together and breaking out of your usual routine will definitely help things to get back to the way it was. There is nothing a white sand beach and crystal-blue water cannot fix.

  2. Dinner for Two
    Whether it’s an intimate little bistro or a romantic dinner at home, dining by candlelight is a natural aphrodisiac. The sultry glow of candles sets the scene for a perfect night of kissing and cuddling.

  3. The Small Things
    Over-the-top gifts and lavish productions aren’t needed to show your significant other how much you care. It’s the little things that will be remembered. Put on your thinking cap and think about something they are passionate about. Letting them know they are always in your mind, even if every day can’t be like a romance novel, reinforces that loving feeling.

  4. Sealed With a Kiss
    Nothing can say I love you more than a heart-felt love letter. Keep in mind it doesn’t need to be four pages long. A simple note found unexpectedly will instantly spread warm fuzzies. Something as simple as writing their name in the sand or spelling out I love you with Fruit Loops is pretty fantastic.

  5. Do Nothing Together
    When you first met, doing absolutely nothing was something you both loved. Even though relationships change with time, staying connected is easy.

  6. I Just Called
    Stevie Wonder couldn’t have said it better.

  7. Messages
    Whether it’s a quick I am thinking of you, or I can’t wait for tonight, there is no easier way to let someone know you are thinking of them.

  8. Scrub-a-Dub
    Dim lights, cold champagne and bubbles. I need say no more.

  9. Sensual Massage
    When combined with number eight, there will be fireworks before the Fourth of July.

  10. It’s Getting Hot in Here
    Grab two aprons, turn up the oven and get cooking your favorite dish together.

  11. Say Cheese
    Taking corny photos together helps build memories.

  12. Game Time
    A risque game of truth or dare is sure to heat things up.

  13. Red or White
    Like a fine wine, love only gets better over time. Plan a romantic trip to a vineyard and get lost together.

  14. Pucker Up Buttercup
    Kissing releases those “feel-good” endorphin’s making you want more.

  15. Bust a Move
    Whether slow dancing to your favorite tune or doing the Lambada, dancing together releases dopamine, which can lead to, well….

  16. Be Daring
    Throw caution to the wind, jump raging roller coaster together and let laughter be your guide.

  17. Pencil Me In
    Take turns organizing unique dates; think over-the-top fun!

  18. Boo!
    Surprise your mate by waiting for them at their car after work, and tell them you just couldn’t wait kiss them.

  19. Act II
    Make like it is the first time you went out and reenact your first date.

  20. Get Physical
    Spice things up in boudoir with scented oils, chocolate-covered strawberries and silk sheets. Highly effective after number eight and nine.

  21. Play Would You Ever?
    This revealing question game with have you both in stitches.

  22. Just Because
    Every day for 30 days, tell your partner why they are so special to you.

  23. Create Memories Together
    Whether it’s saving the sand from a romantic trip or beautiful autumn leaves in a scrapbook, making memories together reaffirms commitment.

  24. Snuggle Bear
    Take all the pillows you can find, soft blankets and get cozy in front of the fireplace.

  25. Learn Something New
    Learn how to say I love you in different languages and tell your sweetie every day.

Whether it’s been 10 days, 10 months or 20 years, love like it’s the first time every day. So, how will you say I love today?