5 Flirting Rules To Get A Guy You Like

5 Flirting Rules To Get A Guy You Like

Sounds like the perfect guy right? When you meet a man who seems like the man you’ve been waiting for your whole life, instead of embracing the moment we sometimes get scared and nervous. This is normal but it can be a huge set back in the relationship. If you’re ready for a relationship then these tips will prepare you to meet the man you’ve been dreaming of. It isn’t always easy to keep your cool but here are a few guidelines for getting Mr. Right and more importantly keeping him interested in dating you.

1. Get Caught Looking

Look at him for a couple of more seconds and look away. This lets him know that you’re interested and it’s just so much fun to make eye contact in a room full of people. Just don’t get caught looking at him too often no matter how pretty he is.

2. Compliment Him

Flattery really will get you everywhere. We ladies love our compliments and believe it or not, men do too! So if you think his smile is cute, let him know! If you love the tee he’s wearing, let him know! But as with every tip, be frugal with the compliments too

3. Have A Great Conversation

Firstly, use his name every now and then while talking to him. It will add that personal touch to the conversation and make him feel more comfortable. Secondly, remember that people love to talk about themselves, so ask him questions and please let them be interesting questions.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

There’s so much you can say with your eyes! I guess they’re not called the windows to the soul for nothing. I know this one is hard, especially if you are shy, but it’s oh-so-worth it. So the next time you are engrossed in conversation, look into his eyes like he means the world to you.

5. Take an Interest in Things He Likes

If he is someone you’ve know for sometime and you know a few things about him, then take an interest in something he’s into. Do some research on his interests if you don’t know much about him!


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