7 Great Habits of Remarkably Successful People

Good habits can make a world of difference in our lives. When we think wisely, we choose good habits. When we think foolishly, we choose bad habits. Cultivating good habits and breaking bad habits results in a more fulfilled life.

Everything good and everything excellent takes time and effort to develop. This is why many times it may be easier to do what we’ve always done by in our comfort zones, which may not be so comfortable after all.

The benefits of cultivating and keeping good habits are worth our time and effort, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the beginning. We have to be willing to work in different ways to get different results, the kind of positive results.

Good habits help us become more successful in life. Also, good habits are contagious. People pay attention to what we do, especially the people closest to us. Our impact on others has more to do with our actions than with our words.

These are 7 seven habits that can make us remarkably successful:

1. The Habit of Being Honest

Keeping a clear conscience will avoid feelings of guilt and regret. When we allow ourselves to be dishonest, we waste energy thinking about the things we have done wrong and how we need to repair them. We can make better use of our time by doing the right things. It’s never a good idea to justify ourselves.

We’re not perfect. However, we can be excellent. When are filled with guilt and sorrow about things that we did that cause hurt, disappointment, and sadness in others, we can’t enjoy life. Being honest makes us feel free and happy.

2. The Habit of Coping with Criticism in a Good Way

To be truly successful in life, we must deal with criticism in a good way, without being defensive nor aggressive. We weren’t born to be liked by everyone nor to please everyone. We’ll all face criticism throughout life. Learning to deal with criticism in the right way is healthy for us and an evidence of our rich character.

Criticism may come from people who can’t relate to what we do, people who can’t understand our values or people who are jealous. Whatever the source of criticism, it can hurt; often, the best way to respond to it is to not say anything.

3. The Habit of Having Inner Peace

Inner peace is a choice that’s available to all of us. We can control how we feel inside of us even when we are facing difficult circumstances and uncertainty in our lives. Having inner peace can set us apart from all the anger and hate that’s all around us. We can either allow ourselves to be at peace or to be miserable.

It’s easy to get upset when things don’t go our way, even the smallest things can cause great turmoil in us. Beings at peace with ourselves, in any circumstance, bring unsurprising calmness and joy to our lives and to the lives of others.

4. The Habit of Being Generous

It’s more fulfilling to give than to receive. What we give to others shows the essence of who we are. When we genuinely give, we’re being selfless. There’s already too much selfishness in the world that we need to encourage each other to give, and to give generously; not out of pressure or pretentious reasons.

Sadly, people who are selfish, greedy, stingy, and self-centered live miserable lives. The good news is that we can all learn to become generous if we want to. People who give with gladness live more satisfying and meaningful lives.

5. The Habit of Living for Today

Living in the past and living in the future robs us of our joy to live for today. A tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Our lives may not be exactly the way we want them to be. However, we can choose to be grateful for today instead of thinking “Only If I had this… I would be happy” or “I’ll be glad when…”

It’s okay to reflect on the past, not dwell on it. Also, it’s okay to think and plan for the future without missing living for today. A good attitude makes in navigating through life, and an attitude of gratitude make a world of difference.

6. The Habit of Keeping Things Simple

Many times, we allow complexity in our lives. We want solve problems that aren’t ours and stress out about the smallest details. When we complicate things in our lives, we struggle to make progress. We need to pay close attention to what’s going on inside of us to recognize what we’re complicating and why.

It’s vital to learn to let go of things that deplete our energy such as trying to win an argument. Also, more isn’t always better because the more we have, the more time we spend maintaining things. Simplifying our lifestyle is rewarding.

7. The Habit of Being Disciplined

Discipline makes us enjoy more of what life has to offer us. Discipline leads us to have the time, energy, and resources to live for today and embrace the future. Disciplined people feel better about themselves. It’s true that discipline isn’t easy. However, the point isn’t based on easiness, it’s based on results. 

Our desire to discipline ourselves shows that we’re serious about becoming the best we can while achieving our full potential. Discipline is a constant action, not a one-time effort. Discipline is about being diligent to produce favorable results.

What habits have you adopted in your life and why? Please share in the comments section below. Thank you!

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