Meeting a lady, falling in love with her, dating her and deciding to spend the rest of your life with her are special moments; moments that signifies love and togetherness.

Every lady wants the man of her dreams to finally pop that question, that question that ends uncertainty; proposal is actually important to a lady, it’s a special moment and one she might not forget for a very long time.

Men understand the importance of proposals to women and every man out there wants to give his lady the perfect romantic marriage proposal. However, coming up with a romantic proposal isn’t the easiest of things, even the most romantic of men find this difficult to do.

I have 7 tips that would help achieve that romantic proposal that your lady would forever remember; enjoy


Understanding the kind of lady you have is a very important step to achieving a romantic proposal. You have to understand if she would appreciate an outdoor proposal or a more secluded proposal. I once read a story of a Japanese man who had his lady turn him down because he proposed in an airport; that wasn’t romantic to her, she felt it was awkward, but some other lady might deem it romantic, so it’s different personality trait for different ladies.


One thing that would even make a proposal highly emotional is the surprise factor. Your proposal shouldn’t be just flat and ordinary like a low-budget movie; it should have this ‘wow factor’. One thing about proposals and surprise factor is that it should be unique and peculiar to your relationship alone; you should be able to know what would wow your lady since you have probably been together for months or years. The surprise factor another man used may not be the one that would totally wow your lady; make it unique and peculiar.


This is one thing that gets the man thinking; the ring comes with two problems – getting the ring she would actually like and the ring that would suit her finger. The ring can also wow your lady if you get the kind of ring she likes, and it would be quite embarrassing to get a ring that wouldn’t size her. To solve the first problem, take her shopping to a jewellery store to shop for anything she would like other than a ring and let her wander around, she would most likely wander to the ring area, watch and try to read her emotions, the ring that wows her the most is the one you should get for the proposal. Also, to get her ring size is no problem, while at the shop you can plan with the attendant to notice her finger size or best still, you can take a ring of hers to the shop to know her size. This tip is important because after the proposal, she would love to show her ring off in excitement.


Marriage is a thing of joy and proposal leads to marriage; it’s a special moment for every lady. If you can secretly bring her friends and family along, it would be special. Yea, she loves her man and loves the fact that he proposed but deep within her she would want to spend that special moment celebrating with friends and family too. Bringing her friends and family along would also add that surprise factor; she would love it.


A marriage proposal is more effective and romantic when it comes at a time she never expected. When you are preparing to propose to her, never let her have a clue; once she has that idea that you are going to propose soon, a little element of the ‘wow factor’ would be taken away, and the ‘wow factor’ is highly important. Let her be caught in the moment and she would relive that moment forever.


This is highly important; it’s not easy to be calm when you have a plan and you are secretly hoping it pans out well, but you just have to be. Trying to memorise lots of words or a speech can even ruin the moment; thinking of so many things at the same time can ruin the moment as well; just be calm and original and believe everything would pull through, and it would. Speak from the heart and she would remember every word you said.


A proposal is a special event; gone are those days where it’s just about asking her to marry you and she says yes; that’s actually the basic but it involves more these days. Get a professional photographer and video the moments if necessary; those moments are too special not to be pictured. Camera phones won’t picture those moments well, and they are moments you would want to relive for a long time; you can even frame up the pictures and give it to her as a gift.


The secret to achieving a romantic proposal is creating special moments that would only be unique to the both of you while also remembering the basic which is for her to say ‘yes, she would marry you’.

For a marriage proposal to be unforgettable, it has to be emotional. Whether it’s on a yacht, in a movie theatre or where you shared your first kiss, or had the first date or some unique place that means a lot to your lady or to the both of you, it just has to be emotional. The more emotional it is, the more unforgettable it would be for your lady.


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