8 Signs You Should Never Let Your Partner Go!

8 Signs You Should Never Let Your Partner Go!

We cross paths with a lot of people during our lives. Some estimates put the number at upwards of 10,000 people met by the average individual.

Most of those people are acquaintances or people just passing through our lives. But occasionally, we bump into people who are the exact opposite – romantic partners that turn our worlds upside down and complete us in a way we never thought possible.

Tragically, we often fail to realize just how rare and special such people are, and we let them walk out of our lives after they’ve fulfilled only a fraction of their potential.

You can prevent this from happening to you by recognizing 8 signs that you’ve found a partner you shouldn’t let go of.

1. They support your ambitions and values.

They support your ambitions and values

Support is an incredibly crucial part of any healthy relationship. It goes way beyond agreement. After all, no two people see exactly eye to eye on everything. 

And while many people you meet will criticize and bash your views and ambitions, you’ll know you’ve found the right partner when they support and encourage you to do what they know is best for you, even if they don’t fully understand it.

2. They’re the most beautiful person you’ve ever met.

They’re the most beautiful person you’ve ever met

There are some people who believe that physical attraction is totally unimportant. While that might ring true for some individuals, psychologists and relationship experts alike say that physical attraction is absolutely important when it comes to being in a healthy relationship.

You should feel no shame in acknowledging your partner’s attractiveness. If you catch yourself looking at your partner and marveling at how beautiful or handsome he or she is, that’s something you should cherish and hold onto.

3. They’re attentive and kind.

They’re attentive and kind

Psychologists refer to attention as the most basic form of love. Without it, a relationship stands on pretty shaky ground.

If you’ve found yourself a partner you can have engaging conversations with that consist of one person speaking while the other listens – and then reversing roles – that’s someone you need to hang onto, especially when you consider how few people speak to each other that way. 

4. They adore you.

They adore you

You’ll know when someone truly loves you. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever question your relationship. That’s normal on occasion.

But when your relationship is built on an understanding that your partner absolutely does adore you, that sort of stability is a sure sign that you’ve found someone you need to hold onto.

5. They know how to cooperate with you.


Many people believe in cooperation over compromise when it comes to healthy relationships. Compromise means that one person is giving something up, which psychologists refer to as harmful for a relationship in the long term.

Cooperation, on the other hand, involves finding balance and mutual understanding. That’s far more desirable in a relationship, and when you’ve found someone who can work with you cooperatively, you’re in a good place.

6. They’re not afraid to point out when you’re wrong.

They’re not afraid to point out when you’re wrong

Many relationships are built on the fear of loss. Such relationships don’t work out because much of the developmental work, which involves a lot of criticism from both sides, never gets completed for fear of hurting the others’ feelings.

But if you’ve found a partner who’s not afraid to rub at you like sandpaper at times, you’ve found someone that will help you grow and develop immensely.

7. They have a strong character.

They know how to cooperate with you

It can be tough to find people who are confident in their identities. But it’s worth the effort because these are the people who will provide an incredible relationship experience that allows you to maintain your identity as well.

You always know where a person with a strong identity stands. And that’s valuable.

8. You recognize that their perfection has a lot to do with you. 

They have a strong character

The perfect person isn’t going to waltz into your life and maintain a relationship without any effort or hard work  on your part. In fact, the most important part of what makes your partner perfect is you. Is your character such that they’re encouraged to reach their full potential?

Feeling as though your partner is perfect without any input from you might seem like a good thing, but it can lead to an inverse problem – your partner feeling like everything is their fault when things hit a rough patch.

But when you’ve found a partner that encourages you to accept your role in making the relationship work, and when you’ve found someone that you can see yourself having a positive impact on, that’s when you know you’ve found a partner to hold onto.