How to Achieve Great Makeup on a Lazy Day

How to Achieve Great Makeup on a Lazy Day

Some days you’re just running late, or simply not in the mood to do your everyday routine. For days like that, there are a ton of lightweight and dual-purpose products that will save you time and your day!


BB Cream:

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BB cream can sometimes substitute for foundation, taking time out of your day and covering up unwanted blemishes. BB creams are originally an Asian based product, but became really popular in the U.S. recently. They usually have SPF too, which is perfect for a hot summer day. BB cream can easily replace your foundation routine, without making you feel like you have on a lot of makeup.



Mascara will easily wake your eyes up. Using Too Faced Better Than Sex will give you the perfect pop and add attention to your eyes. Adding it to both your top and bottom lashes will be the perfect touch for a lazy day. Mascara that is more on the bold side will bring enough attention so that you don’t need any extra eye shadow or anything.



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Eyeliner can go towards a dramatic side, but can also add a little touch of beauty on a lazy day. Eyeliners come in different colors and ways to apply it, so adding a touch of a color to go along with your outfit, or a little flick will make your lazy day look effortless.



Tinted lip balm is one of my favorite lazy day products. It’s not nearly as demanding as a lipstick, so even if you forget it at home you’ll be good for the day. It is also not as heavy, and usually has SPF in it.

So whether you’re running late or just not in the mood, these products will save you time but make you feel like it is a regular makeup day.

Written By: Shardae Jefferson