½ Tuber of yam

Red/ Palm oil (to colourize)

1 Smoked fish

Ground shrimp

½ Kilo of beef

1 medium sized onion

Dried Scent leaf (in this case blended)

Red pepper +/_ tomatoes (your choice…very optional)

Seasonings e.g Salt -to taste, maggi cubes, thyme, curry

Garlic and ginger (blended)


Before I talk the details on how I made my porridge, I’d like to let you know different people have their different view about it. Some like to have theirs mashy while others like it with the yam cubes in it. I like both and I savoured the flavour of each mouthful of the porridge. Today I made a transition from the mashy type to yam-filled type. Also I added fish, shrimp and meat to give me a combined meaty-fishy taste. Here goes how…

  1. Rinse your chunk of meat well, cut into tiny pieces, wash and cut the onions into tiny bits, add all the necessary ingredients, salt, curry, thyme, ground ginger and garlic. Cover your pot and cook till it softens well.
  2. On the other hand start to peel and cut the yam tuber into medium sized cubes. Except you want it well mashed, then, you can cut into smaller cubes. Wash and put in another pot
  3. Blend pepper and onion, try to blend the pepper like you are cutting it into pieces not smoothen out. Ensure shredding of the smoked fish into very tiny pieces
  4. While the meat is done, place a pot on the stove, pour water which you think will be enough to cook the yam ,add the ground pepper and a bit of the meat stock to taste, cover till it boils for some minutes, after which you add the yam cubes. Then allow to cook at medium to high heat.
  5. When the yam feels soft enough for you, add the ground shrimp, the pieces of meat, ground scent leaf, smoked fish, palm oil etc. if the yam still feels hard, add small quantity of ater to make soft.
  6. Cover the pot and continue the cooking. Taste to check if the salt is enough, else add salt and stir well. Cook at high heat for about 5 minutes

Once it is done, you can serve with chilled drinks, to enjoy your weekend.

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ADESANYA OLUWATOBILOBA,   A Medical student, College of medicine, University of Ibadan, Oyo state. She is a member of Primebella Initiatives (A non governmental organisation where young females are trained and equipped to build their future). Oluwatobiloba likes art, fashion, music and focuses on improving love-driven relationships. Her hobbies are; travelling, cooking, and meeting new people. She’s also into food and event planning and currently resides at Ibadan, Nigeria.