#Bfeezy2016: Bintus and Afeez’s Beautiful Pre-Wedding Shoot | Happy Benson Pixels

We are delighted to share these amazing pictures from bintus and afeez pre-wedding shoot. We hope you do like them.

Love is best when shared by two, together you become stronger, together you are one.

wishing you a wonderful married life and beauty.


20161212-HBP_4341 20161212-HBP_4353 20161212-HBP_4393-Edit 20161212-HBP_4498 20161212-HBP_463720161212-HBP_4807 20161212-HBP_4889 20161212-HBP_4972 20161212-HBP_4655 20161212-HBP_4669-Edit 20161212-HBP_4708-EditPhotographer @happybensonpixels

Groom @feezkhalifa

Bride @bin2_diane