Broken Hearts of 2 Artists – Jaybocharles and Betty’s Love Story and Traditional Engagement | Diko Photography

2years ago the broken hearts of two artists met on Instagram, finding themselves under one management @rabbitfootentertainment have since become best of friends. Baffled by the level of their friendship @jaybocharles went to @caramelswitniz dad to get permission to ask her hand in marriage.
Her dad called her out and in the presence of Charles and her mom told her Charles’s intentions. Without gold, without diamond, without getting on one knee, with joy in her heart she said yes on the spot.
Jaybocharles @jaybocharles superstar tinsel actor and model, Betty @caramelswitniz your Etisalat voice prompt
Jaybocharles and Betty 1
Jaybocharles and Betty 3
 Jaybocharles and Betty 3Jaybocharles and Betty 2Jaybocharles and Betty 4Jaybocharles and Betty 5Jaybocharles and Betty 6Jaybocharles and Betty 7Jaybocharles and Betty 8Jaybocharles and Betty 9Jaybocharles and Betty 10Jaybocharles and Betty 11Jaybocharles and Betty