Love Story: Could this be it?

As Atinuke looked out her office window, which happens to be her favourite thinking spot in the office, she could see a couple happily chatting as they strolled, this sight got her into deep thoughts as memories of her and Femi’s good old days flooded her mind, pleasant memories that has gradually turned sour.

Atinuke met Femi when she was in her second year in the university where she studied Accounting. She had applied to Student Finance Club when they were recruiting in June. She was called for the interview, Femi who happened then to be the Human Resource Manager was one of her interviewers.

As memories flashed through her mind, she could not help but smile as her hands were already getting damp just as it did on her first interview. She flopped in the interview and was surprised when she was selected, however, she knew more than anyone else now that Femi was the brain behind it.

Femi who was in his fourth year in Civil Engineering was an all rounder. He was so smart and really cute. Atinuke was so amazed by Femi as she never ceased to wonder how a very good engineering student could still know a whole lot about the Finance industry, business development and accounting principles. Itbwas easy for the two to get along as Atinuke was an enthusiastic and very free spirited fellow. Over time, they became friends and even closer friends as they worked together.SFC seemed to bring them closer, they solved problems, worked on projects and did a whole lot together, along side other team members anyways. Her and Femi spent hours upon hours chatting and discussing every other day, even to the extent they chatted till 1:30am one particular time and Atinuke was locked outside her hostel, she heaved a sigh as memories continued to flood her mind.Her and Femi had been best of friends years before they got married their marriage was a surprise to none as everyone had long seen them as love birds even before anything serious started. So many things has changed over these few momths, however, she knew she loved Femi dearly and she had no doubt he loved her as much.

However, she could not just explain how things turned sour overnight. Femi who usedbto be her beat friend is beginning to seem as a stranger. She just could not lay her hands on it or figure out how the much cherished hours of chatting and playing  disappeared into thin air, even till the extent that they barely talked for twenty minutes in a whole day. The whole thing was simply driving her crazy, the silence was eating up her marriage. Atinuke could not hold herself any more as tears was uncontrollably sliding down her cheeks, she placed her hands on her tummy, the small bump she felt rising inside her made her heart sink deeper. She was six weeks pregnant, and she had not had the chance to tell Femi, truth , both of them have been so engrossed in building their careers that they had gradually began to loose touch of each other. Atinuke felt like thorns thrust into her heart as tears continued to drip down her eyes. A knock by her secretary jolted her out of her reverie. Atinuke had been so lost in thoughts that she had forgotten about the board meeting fixed for 3pm, she quickly fried her tears, adjusted her dress, pickednup some necessary documents as she dashed out of the office

She was already late for the meeting. As she got to the door, she took in deep breath, straightened up and opened the door.

Beneath her cool, poise and envious career, was a lady wallawing in pain and distress.

Well, I won’t be surprised if this was a true life story as many couples today have lost touch of themselves and turned their relationship sour in the desperation to build a career. In as much as I’m a lover of career pursuit and development, the truth remains that in order to enjoy and live a fulfilled life, we must learn to strike a balance and our keep priorities right.

Don’t get excessively busy building and pursuing career goals to the detriment of your marriage, family or relationship. Strike a balance. One way to ensure this balance is to always keep in touch, never loose communication no matter what as effective and consistent communication brings hearts closer than money, gifts, sex or whatsoever. Ensure that each day you give enough time to chat and tell that special one how your day went, what happened at the office, what you ate, and stuffs like that. That’s what keeps your relationship alive. No matter how close some one is to you, even if you live in the same house, if you don’t communicate well that person would seem like a total stranger. That was what happened with Femi and Atinuke.

For couples like Femi and Atinuke, I sincerely hope you stumble on this piece, as that’s all you need to bring bit all alive again.

Never forget, effective and consistent communication; be it through calls, texts, chats, whichever is the key to keeping your relationship alive.

Could this be it?, no, it’s actually it!


Written by: Mercy Ndubueze