Creating your Wedding Budget: Quick and Easy Guide + Tips to Save you Money!!

Welcome to this episode of Get Wedding Ready with Wura Manola. Today’s video is a very educative one and can be used not only for weddings but for any event and even personal finances. In this video I show you a step by step guide to creating your wedding budget and I also give tips on staying within your wedding budget. Follow this step by step guide and you will track your wedding accurately from start to finish and also save money on your wedding.
Best tool to use for creating your wedding budget is Microsoft excel, if you are more techie and advanced then you can use Microsoft Project
Have columns for your items, estimated costs, actual costs, tracker and notes

Make sure your actual costs come in cheaper than your estimated costs. So your estimated costs should always be the maximum you are willing to spend

1. Cut your coat according to your size, have the wedding you can afford
2. Include every single item you will be needing on your budget, try not to omit anything important as this might cost you in the end
3. Learn how to say no, it’s more of a want than a need
4. Close your eyes to the things you don’t need, don’t open shopping browsers when you don’ need anything, don’t go into shops when you don’t need to purchase anything
5. Do not base your wedding budget on money you cannot see a.k.a ‘promised money’ this might come in but you rather be safe than sorry


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