Ejiro and Momoh’s #MEJI2016 Love Story and Spectacular Wedding Photos and Video

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How they met? Ejiro’s narrating; So here I was at work on that fateful Thursday morning when Dammy buzzed me on communicator saying “Ejiro are you busy, come come I have gist and its important” and like a normal gist loving girl (Eke is my name) i put all my work on hold thinking she had something life changing to say (little did I know right?)

Dammy went ahead to tell me about this guy ( Momoh) that had been asking for my contact details since she put up my picture as her dp on bbm. You should have heard my long hiss. I was so disappointed that this was the important thing she had to tell me and that in reality there was no sweet gist. She then went on to tell me that she had already given him both my pin and phone number because she knew that my “skoinskoin would not let me see road” smh. At that moment i just wanted to wring her neck through the phone. I squealed saying “Dammy you better tell him not to call o, because i won’t pick up his calls. I will just be quiet”.
I told her not to give anyone my number because I was not interested in spending my precious time “forming” gist and trying to fill up uncomfortable silence with any stranger. I honestly detested that form of hook up where someone just gives out your details to a stranger and because you are trying to be polite when the stranger calls you spend precious time talking about random things.
Fast forward to the end of the week, I packed myself to Lagos for my routine 1 week in the city break where I work from the Lagos office. As a practice I make sure I fill that week with so many fun activities and catch up with as many friends as possible before I return to the village (PHC)… So come Monday afternoon I received a call from an international number (Dammy of course had already gisted me that he currently works out of the country) so I already had an idea that it would be him. I was so busy at work; I picked up, gave an excuse and said I would call him back. Which I never did….lol …. Real gems are not easy to get after all 
He kept calling me through out that week but he just always picked the wrong time. It was either I was in a meeting, or I was in a noisy place or out for lunch or dinner with friends or other suitors (wink wink).. After that week I travelled to the UK and just forgot about him and returning any of his calls.
Then one boring day while on my trip, i was going through my phone and saw the number and felt bad that he had tried so hard to reach me (and of cos I had Dammy on the side constantly asking me if I had spoken to him) so i called back.
And we ended up spending almost 2 hours on the phone just gisting and gisting about any and everything. I didn’t even need to think of the next topic .. conversation was flowing efortlessly.
And the rest is history!!!!
Looking back now, the highlight of our convo was when he casually mentioned that he was going to marry me.. And i can remember thinking “who the hell is this joker” and I immediately informed him that for me the word marriage does not open the gates of heaven.
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Momoh’s narrating;
… And there it was on my Samsung screen “hello Momoh… are you there?” Followed by PING!!! PING!!! PING!!! Hard to believe even now, but the next message was “this is how people miss their blessings o”.
Now, all these when I had a few seconds to look at my phone after a particularly hectic morning at work with me counting down to TGIT (the folks in Dxb will understand) on the 27th of August. I had intended to take a cursory look at my messages for a minute or two just to cool off from work steam. However, when I read this particular one from Dammy, I was jolted to alert mode. I couldn’t fathom the reason for such a weird message… had Dammy suddenly started dreaming dreams and prophesying? I didn’t have enough time to chat so I picked my phone and called her. Summary of the “this is how people miss their blessings o” message was to know if I was dating because there was a friend of hers, she believed we would be a PERFECT FIT.
First thing that came to my mind was… seriously?! That’s why you sent such a jolting message? However, I said nothing. Lol. My curiosity made me ask to see a picture of “this blessing”. She sent it and in retrospect, I’ll have to admit it was not the best portraying picture (cos she looks way better in person ! Well I asked for more details, but Dammy wouldn’t tell! Not even her age only that she’s a friend and colleague. I asked for her contact details and she said to hold on a bit for her to enquire from Ejiro. Much later details were sent.
Now this “blessing” was quite hard to access. Lol. Whenever I chatted or called, it was either she had to run off somewhere to do something or she was with friends and couldn’t talk… how exasperating yea?! Well, I thought to myself at least she picks your calls. A quick talk with dammy ensued days later – I told Dammy her friend wasn’t accessible call-wise or chat-wise. Oh! you should have heard Dammy’s retort! She goes… “ehnnn you expect her to jump into your arms abi”? Somewhere in my mind, I am like yeaaaaaaa that’s what I expected! Lol. And so, the mostly one sided chats and short calls continued until a faithful morning she called me up and we had an amazingly long conversation… and the rest is history!
What was the best highlight of your wedding day?
Its very hard to pick one moment…. best highlights would be my first dance with my husband and the dance with my sisters, Both were very emotional.
What advice would you give other couples in the planning process?
1. Sit together and dream of what you want your wedding to look like.. I know a lot of people say guys don’t care a lot bout the wedding but he would love to have a say in the little things he cares about.
2. Most important advice that I cannot over emphasize is that you delegate things to the people around you. Accept help when it’s offered.. Don’t try and be a super woman or man..
3. Get a planner and if you are like me that wants to plan yourself, please get a coordinator to help you bring your dream wedding to life.. You cannot be an island when planning a wedding
4. Ensure that you carry both set of parents along in major decisions that would affect them e.g no of guests; strictly by invitation or open to all event choice; location choice.
5.At least 2 days to the wedding go for a relaxing spa day and after that just block out anything about the wedding that seems to be causing you stress. Guess what? The wedding will sort itself out!!!! Take it from “Mrs Perfectionist” like me… It would all sort itself out and by 8pm that night all the planning of months will become something you simply “Throw back to” and see trending on IG…




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