EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know Akin Esho, the CEO of WED Expo and the Organiser of WED DREAM

We are happy to share with you an exciting interview we conducted with Akin Esho, the CEO of WED Expo and the Organiser of WED DREAM weddings. He also share some insights and inspiring stories on what it takes to deliver qualitative service, both in Nigeria and abroad.

At Toyosi Ilupeju And Wole Makinwa’s Wedding #FromParisWithLove17

RAW: Can we meet you sir?

AE: My name is Akin Esho, the CEO of WED Expo and the Organiser of WED DREAM weddings.

RAW: Can you tell us what this event is all about?

AE: The event is the WED DREAM wedding which brings us here, including a lot of hardworking and willing vendors to celebrate with the winner Toyosi Ilupeju and Wole Makinwa, here in Balmoral convention Centre today. Making the wedding glamorous as the name implies at NO COST…i.e ALL FREE

RAW:  Can you tell us about what the WED Expo entails?

AE: Basically, we run the largest wedding exhibition in Nigeria, we also run a pretty big wedding Academy. We do a lot of wedding and we’ve been in existence for about 6 years now. This is our fourth FREE wedding but the first WED DREAM wedding. So we decided to take it a much higher and make it a dream wedding for the best couple.

RAW: What do you mean by the word “Best Couple”

AE: There are several processes to it and of course it starts with the couple attending the WED expo and there are also several training processes where we do interviews, ensuring the couple is ready, like wise ensuring the vendors are ready to do the DREAM wedding for the winner.

RAW: What style was adopted for the wedding?

AE: Since the love originated from Paris where the winner got to meet each other i.e #FromParisWithLove, we decided to use the Eiffel tower symbolic of Paris, which you can see is portrayed in the décor, cakes and many others of the wedding setting.

RAW: How long did it take to plan this event

AE: There’s a lot more of personality involved and a lot more to it because it’s all more of charity and to the vendor’s it is more of “Brand equity” where everyone is trying to spread out their brands and doing something. Of course it’s just once in a year. And so, we decided to take as much time as we can to ensure we achieve that DREAM wedding

RAW: What are the challenges you faced while planning the event and how were they handled?

AE: We have been in this for years. Sometimes we struggle with choosing what vendors to use because, we get a lot of them who are really interested but we try as much as possible to pick the best. Also we ensure there are other criteria to give these people the opportunity so as to partake on our platform
RAW: What do you think of the/your guests’ experiences with this event?  

AE: I think we’ve had pretty and lot of “WOW” experiences with this and we still have a few more still planned for the night…that which is the part 2. I think it’s been good, I mean really good. I think this is what anybody assumes a DREAM wedding.

RAW: How do you feel about the success of this wedding?

AE: I feel really happy, glad n delighted seeing to the success if the wedding. Working hand in hand with and creating a platform for these vendors.

RAW: What and how do you see WED Expo

AE: It’s a big deal for us because this is wedding we hold every February 14- The Valentine’s Day. Basically, we want to owe that day (Valentine’s day) now no matter what day of the week it falls in to always celebrate the winners.

RAW: What advice do you have for the couple out there?

AE: A lot of things happen from WED Expo. First is if you really attend WED expo, you get free vendors and the couple could actually be lucky enough to win the DREAM Wedding. So I would advise they attend WED Expo from which the sky is just the beginning.

RAW: Thank you sir

AE: It’s a pleasure, thank you