“Faith Girl, I Must Marry Her”- Faith and Daniel Love Story and Wedding

My wedding
How we met:  It started one faithful day back in 2013 at Firstbank CMD branch, where i spoke rudely to my Newly wedded hubby at his office. That minute he got his eyes on me and then i was in a serious relationship then that i didnt even wanna hear his name other than my ex’s name then. So back in 2014, one of my daddys staff went to his office to make transaction and then my husband asked her by saying “What about that your Md’s daughter that liked shakara alot” so she said please leave her alone oh she has a fiance already. And as at that time i was going through a very bad heartbreak from my ex, and was still trying to heal up. “Laughs” So she came to meet me stylishly right in my dads office and asked for my number that she had misplaced my number, so i gave it to her not knowing she had hidden intentions. She sent my number via text to my present hubby and acted innocent.
So later at night, i got a call and he was trying to speak plenty English, i didnt even wanna hear him much we ended d converstaion. Nextday i went to his office and insulted him again and called him a “coward” because i was thinking he was coming to break my heart too “Laughs”.
He then told his colleagues by saying “That Faith girl, i must marry her…” His friends were like that girl that has attitude and like shakara alot.
He wooed me for months, and he was always finding the good favour of my aunty so she would be talking to me on his behalf, before i finally gave it a trial and back in 2015 shortly after i came back from a vacation from England he proposed to me and thats how i got to know he was really serious you know !”Laughing* ….
And then in February 13th , this year we had our introduction ceremony and it was filled with family and friends. And then we decided to seal up our love in June 25th.
Am glad that after all the pains, hurts and disappointments God gave me a man like Daniel. And i will love to love him forever with God helping me. 


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