HOME-MADE BEAUTY: Local Body Polish For Ladies | Adesanya Oluwatobiloba

Body polishing is a popular body treatment that takes part in  exfoliation and hydration of the skin  by using natural abrasive products which can then be rubbed, scrubbed or massage onto the skin leaving the skin softer and smoother.

People even celebrities beautify themselves in several ways by using natural and local ingredients or herbal beauty products, so why can’t we?, why spend money on pricey spa treatment when you have all these things at your finger tips

Body polishing is a primary remedy for attaining radiant and lustrous skin. It’s quite different from body massage but both can be combined to get added benefits of both treatment

                 Benefits of Body Polishing

Some of the benefits of body polishing include;

  1. Nourishment of the body with essential minerals (aloe vera),
  2. Brightening of skin and skin smoothness,
  3. Redistribution and decrease in fat cell distribution around the body,
  4. Stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation,
  5. Improvement of skin texture and complexion
  6. Can serve as an agent of partial or total sunscreen to prevent skin burns etc

To mention a few here, are a list of recipes/ ingredients to use;


  1. HONEY: It has both medicinal and aesthetic benefits. Place a few drops of honey in your bath water. It can also be rubbed on the body before going to bed because of it’s good night nourishing and moisturizing effects.
  2. SHEA BUTTER: Known as ori (yoruba), okuma (igbo). It’s an old-age product for toned, softer and radiant skin, it’s a sunscreen agent and can be applied like a regular body lotion day or night, before and after bath or mixed with other skin products.
  3. SEA SALT: It’s called salt rinse/salt spark/marine salt rinse. Mainly opted for oily skin- it works by exfoliating the skin of it’s dead cells and giving it a characteristic dryness, which help prevent or kill the acne causing bacteria.
  4. ALOE VERA: Often called nature’s beauty secret, used from the head to toe. It can be applied alone or mixed with variety of cosmetics like cream, shampoo etc. and massaged on the skin after a warm bath, leave for about 10-15mins, then wipe with a clean, soft cloth for radiant glow of the skin!
  5. FRUIT PULP: Like papaya, pineapple and other colorful fruits: These fruits are blended and applied. The acid from the fruits help detoxify toxins on the skin and also leave the skin soft and toned.
  6. CITRUS FRUITS: e.g lemon, lime fruits, grapefruits etc, can be sliced and applied or blended and applied for some minutes. It has both toning and moisturizing effect
  7. PALM OIL: An old recipe used by our grandparents and then passed to the maiden of this generation. The palm oil here is the oily residue derived from boiling the palm fruit itself. Note: Not the oil derived last for cooking, for its good moisturizing effects.
  8. CUCUMBER: It can be sliced and placed or mashed and deseeded before application on the skin, then leave for bout 15-20 minutes. It’s used to treat dark circles around the eyelids and dark patches on the face and armpits, leaving the skin soft, toned, and to tighten the open pores.
  9. COFFEE GROUND, RICE BRAN MIXTURE: used on normal skin types by applying the mixture. The rice bran can be used for very dry skin by soaking the feet and palms in it. It help exfoliate dead cells and rejuvenate the newly formed skin cells
  10. YOGHURT/ OATMEAL: This mixture helps slough off dead skin. With continuous use of these simple and less expensive recipes, expect rejuvenation of your old-looking skin, radiating all in its glory…smiles.
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ADESANYA OLUWATOBILOBA,   A Medical student, College of medicine, University of Ibadan, Oyo state. She is a member of Primebella Initiatives (A non governmental organisation where young females are trained and equipped to build their future). Oluwatobiloba likes art, fashion, music and focuses on improving love-driven relationships. Her hobbies are; travelling, cooking, and meeting new people. She’s also into food and event planning and currently resides at Ibadan, Nigeria.