How Good Of A Roommate or Flatmate Are You? #1 Letting and property sharing platform for students and professionals in Nigeria.

Whether you are a landlord seeking responsible and reliable tenants for your property or a tenant searching for a home or tenant seeking flatmate or an individual or student in search of a room mate or a startup business owner looking for an office space to share cut away the ‘agent drama’ with a click:

Do you have a flat or room? You may surprise yourself with how beneficial a share can be, but if you wouldn’t mind a little more cash, and a little more companionship, you ought to give it a try now. List your ads today for free.

Discover the Self-Letting community and find the ideal room and flat share. Create an advert telling landlords or flatmates about yourself and what you are looking for. Finding your perfect room or flatmate is quick and easy

Do you make your roommate’s or flatmate’s life a living hell or are you on the same wavelength?


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