How to Plan a Wedding Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal is generally held the day before the wedding. In the case of small, intimate weddings, the rehearsal may consist of only a few minutes of instructions prior to the ceremony. For some insight on how to plan a wedding rehearsal read the article below.The wedding rehearsal allows the participants the opportunity to practice specific duties – ushering, lighting of the candles, entrances and exits, special cues, variations in the service, and so on.The people required to attend the wedding rehearsal are the officiant or his or her representative, the bride and groom, their parents, and all the bridal attendants. Musicians and soloists may or may not attend. You should confer with the officiant concerning any last-minute changes in the order of the wedding ceremony.
How to Plan a Wedding Rehearsal

Make certain the officiant can correctly pronounce the names of the bride and groom. It is best to have only one person to plan the wedding rehearsal. However, your officiant and wedding coordinator may work together, each being responsible for different portions of the wedding rehearsal.You and your bridal attendants may use ribbon bouquets from your showers to practice carrying bouquets. Also, when the musicians are present, they should perform enough of each selection so that everyone is acquainted with the music and aware of any necessary cues.Bring the following items to the wedding rehearsal- cellophane tape (two dispensers for taping cards to gift packages)- guest book and pens- ribbon bouquets- programs

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