I Don’t Really Need A-Yes Before We Get Started – Real African Weddings Presents Jumoke & Omololu Owolabi’s Love Story & Wedding

How they met? Omololu narrating; It all started from school, University of Ado-Ekiti (now Ekiti State University). I had a friend, a room mate called Wale. We just resumed from a break in May 2006 when Wale told me he met a beautiful lady called Ife. Ife also had a close friend called Jumoke.

One day, me and some other two good friends asked Wale to invite his new discovery, Ife, to our room. Ife came around but she would never walk alone as she came with Jumoke. Wale had no choice than to find means of engaging both parties so that they won’t leave in a hurry due to boredom. He approached me to assist him in keeping Jumoke’s company so that he can focus on how to get into Ife’s head. He said to me jokingly that I can even woo Jumoke, even if I’m not going to be serious with her. I just smiled it off but proceeded anyway.

We started by introducing ourselves. During the introduction we got to know aside hailing from the same state, Ekiti, we came from the same town, Ayedun Ekiti. Then we started suspecting ourselves like “tell me the truth” because we were surprised. Some imaginations and pictures started coming into my head that her face started looking like a relative I know. I continue with the deal anyway but had to call my Dad to get some clarifications so that I won’t end up dating my distant sister.

Two months passed and it was so hard for her to say “yes” to me but I knew she liked me so I was confident. She loved smiling at every word I say but I keep wondering why she doesn’t want to say “yes”. I pestered her, then she passed a message to me which I interpreted as “I don’t really need a-yes before we get started”. So around this time, the journey began till date.

It started like play, but now its real as we tied the knot on the 23rd of April, 2016.


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