“I have done all I could to show him I cared about him” – Real African Weddings Presents Bunmilola Fasina & Ayoola Ogunbayo’s Love Story & Wedding

How he proposed: It was late in the night and we were about to go sleep.  I noticed that there was something off about his mood so I teased him.  He got angry and asked if he had done something to deserve my behaviour towards him. I was confused and I got up and stared down at him,  he kept a stern face and told me that even if he was my ‘plan b’,  he would want me to tell him right then.  I couldn’t believe he was saying all that. He then stood up and made to kiss me,  I blocked him.  And then he asked if he wasn’t good enough to kiss me.  I had tears in my eyes then because all I could think of was,  ‘I have done all I could to show him I cared about him.’  He moved to kiss me again and I just stood still and allowed him; preparing the best words to use in chastising him but yeah! He had the ring in his mouth and pushed it into my mouth.  I hit him and he started to laugh and that was the start of our journey.


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The best highlight of my wedding day:

The fidau that we did for my late mum.  I wished she had witnessed me changed my mind about marriage.  Some group from her hometown sang her praise in her local dialect.  But in the midst of all this,  I felt her presence.  I felt her urging me to dance actually so I went into the midst of these older woman and started to dance to the native agidigbo song. Hehehehehehehehehe… My would be husband had no choice but to join me.  #lol.

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My advice to other young couples : Marriage is tough and it’ll be rough but it is a wonderful part of living that builds ones character and teaches us lifelong lessons.  When he gets on your nerve,  take him as an annoying boss and placate him like a child.  If she angers you,  see her as an annoying younger sister that you will always be fond of. Love works best when there is Companionship.  Live and let live, never take his or her mistake as a criteria to commit a blunder against the union.  Take it one attitude at a time.

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Our list:
His suit: a Russian name I can’t even pronounce because he spent most of his adult life in Russia.
His shoe: Kenneth Cole
My reception gown: a Nigerian upcoming  designer called Larah.
My Nikka gown: Larah.
My traditional iro and gele: embellished by Larah.
His agbada: no idea what his name is. #lol
His Nikka attire: Tailorze
My reception and Nikka shoes:  magical moments.
My jewelries: I just know it’s a US designer courtesy of my sister.
Decor/Catering: not sure
Photography : moodgraphy
Video: finess house
Ushers : feferity