It Was About 2 Rain: Real African Weddings Presents Chidera & Obiora Love Story & Pre-Wedding Shoot | Riyality Photography

How they met? Chidera narrating; How it all started was really unexpected but a very beautiful one if I may recall. I remember that day I was going home from church, the weather was a bit cloudy and the clouds were heavy… It was about to rain. His car pulled up and he asked if I needed a ride home and as usual I whined for a bit but finally agreed for the ride. On the their offer for a ride home again, we exchanged numbers; no call that day or the day after but three days later he called! Beautiful memories. So much happened within that space of time before he finally proposed to me!

It wasn’t a very huge proposal .. Right in his bedroom and I said Yes! Eight months later we had our traditional marriage and now we will soon be walking down the aisle together June 4, 2016. Save the date


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