Love Poem: Let me drink in her smile

Let me drink in her smile
Like the bottom of pure palm wine
Real and undiluted, just like nature intended

If I get drunk, let me get drunk
In the largeness of her beautiful soul,
Her infectious smile, and dazzling personality

Let my mouth give due adulations
To the one she calls a mother, a father
For blessing mankind with their finest.

Before you think it is the wine talking
Let me remind her of her glorious future
Of her beautiful soul, and her awesomeness
And for each smile of hers, let me take a sip.


Dazzle me
Rattle my cage
With a bit of your passion
A bit of your web
A bit of you

Cuddle me
Fondle me ravishingly
With a grasp of your magic
A splash of your colours
A gasp from me.

Saddle me
Spoil me rotten
With the generosity of your touch
Rhapsody of hormonal rushes
A crush from you

Break me
Rake away all resistance
With your suggestive dares
Your captivating stares
And subtle signs.


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