Multiple Orgasms – How to Achieve Multiple Orgasms

And multiple orgasms? All the more magical, all the more mysterious.

OMGYES and Debby Herbenick surveyed 1,055 women between the ages of 18 and 95. They found that 47% have multiple orgasms.


The majority of those women used a different technique after the first orgasm to achieve the next.

Which means the trick to multiple orgasms actually isn’t just continuing onwards with the same stroking method that worked for the first time. It’s all about changing it up.

OMGYES suggests that those who feel they can’t have multiple orgasms because they feel too sensitive post-climax might actually be able to go forth and achieve even more pleasure.

They recommend that after the first orgasm you change it up to slower, gentler motions to achieve the next one.

sensitive areas

They say: ‘Right after orgasm, 53% of women who have multiples go back to earlier motions – less sensitive areas or slower.

‘Then, many rebuild to the second orgasm by modifying the techniques that worked to get to the first orgasm.

‘The big insight many women discover (often later in life) is to treat the body after the first orgasm like it’s a whole new body, with different likes and dislikes.

So it turns out we shouldn’t be saying ‘don’t stop’ so much as ‘keep going, then swap to something else please. Pretty mind-blowing, Thanks’.