Ngozi Sophia Nnaji: Developing Reading Skills in Toddlers

How often do you read to your toddler?

Ngozi Sophia Nnaji: Developing Reading Skills in Toddlers

The first step to reading is listening. Listening is a very important skill. To develop your toddlers listening skill, use rhymes and songs, they love it! Have your toddler sing back to you, it’s such an amazing experience. Consciously create time for this; it’s sure a good time to have fun and bond more with your toddler, demonstrating the lyrics, wow! You would be surprised at what your toddler can do. Reading to your toddler helps to develop the listening skills, language skills and reading skills overtime.

Always engage your toddler in conversation even if your toddler does not respond, he/she is hearing what you say and will one day say one of those words even though not clearly, at this point note that you need to be careful of what you say in the presence of your young because they would always repeat what they have heard you say at some point. Talking to your child helps to develop the listening skills. Read stories to your toddler during the day and at bed time.

During the day you can talk about the characters in the picture, children love pictures, you would see your toddler responding, have your toddler repeat the names of the objects in the picture. Repeat this process regularly even with different story books and soon you would have your child tell you stories by looking at the picture.