Ngozi Sophia Nnaji: Greatness is in every child

Greatness is in every child

Greatness is in every child. Every child needs a chance to express what is on the inside. Every child has a right to life. Our future and the future of our great country is the child. How do you handle your future? How have you developed it? There is a need to spur the potential, greatness hidden in the child.

How do you treat the child, with love or with hate? How do you handle issues concerning the child?

The child should be top priority!

Listen to them, you will be amazed at their line of thought, watch them closely, you will be wowed by their actions. Teach them to build and watch them create a masterpiece; children will always take whatever learnt to another level.

What you teach your child is however important. It goes a long way to building the child’s potential or destroying it.

What make a child great is not just the talent but the morals and values he has cultivated over time.

The big question is, what values and morals have you taught your child? You might say you have no child yet, but what values and morals do you have because that is what will be passed to the child when you do have one.

You need to create time to invest these values and morals in your child to help your child achieve his/ her full potential.

The duty of raising the child starts from the home. Focus on your child just like you would focus on your other investments and businesses.
When you see your child as an asset you would always want to invest all you have not excluding your time, to make sure it appreciates always.