Nifemi and Femi’s Love Story and Beautiful White Wedding


In 2012, I met this man very briefly and we were only friends for about a month… until on my birthday (2nd April 2015), when he called to wish me a happy birthday. I had already forgotten about him so he had to give description of himself and the next thing he said was “Look am back to marry you” and I was like “Jesu gbami o” lmao…10th April during the Gubernatorial election, I made him travel though it wasn’t safe ( Test no 1) and he did, we officially started dating that day. It was all like a joke but he was all bent on not letting me go again. He will say it to me even when i don’t feel like hearing it; “See either you like it or not, am going to marry you this time , you wont chase me away”. I must confess I always love the look on his face when he says that, even I used to act like I don’t see the genuineness of his words while putting on that  “Don’t care” attitude of mine( cover face)

Fast-forward…in August, same year we did our “First of all” and on Dec 3rd( his birthday) I said “I do”. Now it is a year with this wonderful man, my backbone, he’s always there to perfect my imperfections, with each passing day I feel like I am married to him over and over again

Te Amo Mon Cheri, May Almighty God keep us together, forever in His abundance of Grace.