“Opportunity to Speak” – Similoluwa and Gbenga’s Love Story and Pre-Wedding Shoot | Diko Photography


How they met? Bukky and Russell narrating; I attended the same Law School with Similoluwa but never had the opportunity to speak to her one on one. After my law school, went back to Lagos , shortly after I came back for my NYSC. I was on the bed on faithful morning and a friend of mine used her (Simi) dp on his wall bc it was her birthday, I chatted my friend up and ask him whether she went to the same Law school in Abuja, he said yes and I kindly asked for her BBM pin. I added her up on her Birthday and she accepted, I did introduce myself and as a popular boy in my Law School (?

) she knew my face. After some days , I chatted her that I am really lonely in Abuja as most of my friends lives in Lagos, she promised to come around and she did after some days. The first day she came around, I was a little bit shy. We went out that day and that same day I landed in her house, I met her siblings and that was all.

 I travelled to Kaduna and after a week plus, we started chatting frequently, I started knowing her better and likewise for her , at the end we had this natural connection that we are suppose to be together, I told her when can I see her parent, she was surprised and fixed December of 2014, from the very moment I saw her parent and they accepted me, our journey began formally…
Similoluwa and Gbenga Similoluwa and Gbenga1 Similoluwa and Gbenga2 Similoluwa and Gbenga3 Similoluwa and Gbenga4 Similoluwa and Gbenga6 Similoluwa and Gbenga7 Similoluwa and Gbenga8
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