“Prayer is the Key” – Chivic and Chuku’s #Chivicoke2017 Love Story and Beautiful Wedding

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Real African Weddings presents Chivic and Chuku’s beautiful wedding photos and love story.

Read their love story below and be inspire

Chivic narrating;  How we met: To some our marriage is too late, while to some, it’s too early. but to us “Chivicoke”, it’s the perfect time because in God’s time, He makes all things beautiful.

I am glad I married a caring and loving man who is my friend, brother, gossip-mate, soulmate and husband.

What was the best highlight of your wedding day?

Highlights of my wedding day: the part I had to showcase different outfits of our African outfits and to be glad that i dressed myself. I was also overwhelmed when I saw friends, relatives, colleagues who honoured the event, we had over 700+ regardless of the distance of my village, don’t know how many would come during the white wedding


What advice would you give other couples in the planning process?

Advice to couples in the planning process: well my advice is that they hold on to God, prayer is the key. Because temptation will definitely strike. E.g my husband was kidnapped 6days (Sunday) to our wedding day and was released 3days (Wednesday) to our big day after paying some millions as ransom to d kidnappers.

Plus other little obstacles but in all I set my mind that we are gonna overcome which by Gods grace we overcame

Make sure you pay up your vendors and also tell them the exact thing you want for the day.

Groom: Realman Chuku

Bride @chiviclicious

Bride’s outfit  by the bride @chivicfashionworld

Photos @bscharismultimemedia

Makeup @ifypalace

Decor: Mr. Chikz events company

Cake @Nadixcakes

Beads, gele, accessories by bride @chivicfashionworld



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