Real African Weddings presents Bimpe and Wale Engagement Wedding | Diko Photography

Life has a way of bringing people together, as such is the story of Bimpe & Wale. As kids, we attended the same church and enjoyed each others company so much that our friends occasionally teased us of a future together.

Wale had always had a crush on Bimpe and eventually voiced out, however she found it really awkward and saw him not more than a childhood friend.
Our friendship was intact and despite having to attend different universities and at some point living in different parts of the world, we kept in touch and pretty much talked about what was going on in our lives.

Fast forward years later, through a series of events, we got talking and it felt really different, in a good way of course.  We had couple of dates, shared deep issues, somewhere in between our many dates Wale popped in the ‘talk’ again, at this point Bimpe was already won over, everything was just perfect….our journey to forever started and we could only wish it begun a long time ago.bop

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Photography @dikophotography