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The Story of ESENTRICK2017

Our story is one that is unconventional as it is intriguing and quite unbelievable. Patrick and I both live in Abuja and had lived on the same street, 3 houses away (literally a stone’s throw away) for 15 years and we never met. Not until by some series of then considered “unfortunate” in hindsight “fortunate” events, I had to go to Maiduguri for my undergrad (of which I was thoroughly displeased by) because I had never been away from Abuja for an extended period. On the other side of the coin, Patrick also had to go to Maiduguri. We both reluctantly had to go to Maiduguri and if you can believe it, this is where we met.

I met Patrick through one of my bridesmaid’s (Rosemary) brother. Patrick and I met by Fate or divine intervention if you will, because it just so happened that I became good friends with Rosemary (who even though we went to the same Secondary school, we never spoke and only kindled a friendship in my first year in Maiduguri). Her brother Gabriel, just so happened to be in the same Department as Patrick. It was from this connection that Patrick and I were put in the same circle and started attending parties and events were we would meet ourselves but always on a hi/hello basis.

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During this time, I never actually saw him as anything more than a friend. I acknowledge that he had some attractive qualities such as the fact that he was tall and he could dance…Oh boy could he dance. Sadly, I missed the one and only performance he made and caught just about 2 mins of it before it was over and ever since then, I have been begging him to dance for me and the most I’ve ever gotten is comical movements. Lol!

Anyways, I digressed. Back to the story, one faithful holiday… I believe it was December of 2006/January 2007, Gabriel or Rosemary, I’m not even sure, were having a get together in their home and of course Patrick and I were invited due to our mutual friendships. During the course of the party, I happened to catch a glimpse of someone’s feet, they looked so nice in the palm slippers they were in and I looked up and they were attached to Patrick’s body. Lol. (P.S I don’t have a foot fetish) lmao. Anyways, at that moment, it was like I was seeing him for the first time, I began to see him in a “more than a friend” light and I spent the rest of the scoping him…

Hahaha, fast forward to about a month, we go back to Maiduguri and whenever I saw anyone with an Afro, my heart would skip a beat (yhh.. He was sporting a very high Afro at the time).


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March 31st, 2007 Patrick and Gabriel got a place together and we Rosemary, some friends and I had been invited to the house warming. We got to the house and I was all shy, in one corner watching like a hawk and willing him to come talk to me… It didn’t happen.. Lmao. The biggest “Ella” of the evening you might say… Anyways, we had partied into the night and it was now past midnight and it was time to call it a night. The guys started walking us back to our hostels and I finally got to have a one on one conversation with him and at this point , I was ecstatic. During the course of our walk/talk, Patrick asked if I would go out with him the next day being April 1st, I was jumping for joy within me but played it cool and said “it better not be an April fool’s joke-o.. because it would not be funny”. The next day broke and I was waiting for the call…. I later found out that some issues came up that delayed him but at that time, I believed I was being stood up and that it really was a mean fool’s joke (In my head, I was like OMG!!) “Chineke-me-o” “Na me be this” “Im ruined” hahahahah. Luckily, towards the evening, the call came through, we went on a very lovely date and here we are ten (10) years later celebrating our love in front of all our friends and loved ones and even a few strangers.

It’s been a very sweet Journey, I sometimes can’t believe its been that long because every day has been as enjoyable as the first.

I actually later found out that Patrick had been checking me out for quite a while before the fated party, but he didn’t approach me because I apparently have a “resting bitch face” lol, amongst other things.

Our story is quite long and has so many different elements, but this is a summary that can help you get the gist. People some say “ahh!.. 10years), you have tried o”. But the truth is Patrick makes it so easy. There is no try in the matter. He is the most loving, caring, selfless, romantic and generous person that I know or will ever Know. Yeah, I am that certain. I thank God every day that he chose me to share his life with. I love you D.

Real African Weddings

Dress: @youdiii
Lights, Sound and Special Effects: @gabbyzconceptzx
Cocktail: @fruitsandtails
Photo credit: @30secsorless


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