Signs you’re in love with an emotionally-unavailable man

Signs you’re in love with an emotionally-unavailable man

Women are quite emotional and they want their guys to understand their emotions and get involved emotionally. But sometimes it seems that their men are emotionally unavailable which spoils the things. Everything starts heading towards wrong from right with an emotionally unavailable guy. Here we are to help you discover if your love is emotionally unavailable:

He is already in a relationship
Guys usually tend to share things about their relationship with girls. If he has been sharing a lot of information about his relationship, you may think that he is getting emotionally attached with you and so are you. You get emotionally triggered and you start expecting from him. But the fact is somebody who is involved with someone else cannot be as attached with you as you are.

Women usually become victims of guys who are “sort of single”. The lines that seem to trap girls are when they say that “we have not had sex for years”, “I am lonely”, “my wife is emotionally not stable” or talks about his kids and last but the bigger one that “soon I am going to split with my wife.” So women, please don’t consider these lines.

He is no good when it comes to communicating
When a guy who you like does not receives you phone calls or does not give you answers clearly when you talk to him, this is a clear sign that he emotionally unavailable and you must make up your mind for this. If he prefers to text you for communicating, this is another signal. You must disconnect yourself with him as he not at all emotionally attached with you.

He abruptly disappears
Generally guys who are emotionally unavailable tend to behave this way. Suddenly after all the daily attention and lovey dovey talks he disappears. Does not receive your call, does not text you back, does not give any explanations and remains silent and then he comes back after 2-3 weeks or so as if nothing has happened. The same happened with my best friend and she got nothing out of it but misery.

Mysterious Guy
Been with a mysterious guy lately? You don’t know much about him even after spending so much time with him. This makes the signal red. Such guy is more likely to keep you in dark and does not share any stuff with you which is important to him, for example happening of an important event in his life say getting a new job he always dreamt of. If he seems not interested in your life or does not care how you feel and what you want, then this is the sign you are wasting your time with an emotionally unavailable guy.

You are not the only woman in his life
This is a sure shot signal that you are with an emotionally unavailable man if your love interest has been a serial dater and you are not the only woman in his life. You can judge him by his facebook status that says “it’s complicated” even after you two have been together for months. Another signs involve if he is staying with his ex or he is going to divorce his wife or belongs to any other status other than single. These factors are associated with emotionally unavailable man.

Such people usually admit while they date that they are not good at relationships and not interested in marriages. These hints or negative responses can help you spot Mr. emotionally unavailable. Ignore compliments or bragging.