Slim and Cute – Faith and Tosin’s Love Story and Beautiful Wedding

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We featured their Pre-Wedding Shoot and Love Story  – click here to see all the photos. 

How they met? Faith narrating; I used to see him around once in a while and I noticed he was slim and cute.
He walked up to me one day and asked for my number. I was surprised because we don’t talk but i gave him Sha. After giving him my number I thought to my self that if he’s ever gonr ask me out I wouldn’t accept cos I kinda like chubby guys. He called me and asked if i could invite him over to my house and I reluctantly invited him after a while. We became friends and and he asked me out but i didnt accept until 8months after…(the story is long ooo).. but he was the purest heart I ever met and the sweetest guy ever!
He proposed on my birthday 2years after and it’s a countdown right about now
faith-2faith-3 faith-4 faith-5
What was the best highlight of the wedding day?
Hmmm.. not everything went well as planned. My musical  band had some technical issues and the AC’s in the hall became non functional at some point.. bad highlight tho but guess what? We laughed all through! I couldn’t allow those things spoil my mood!
He had a special gift waiting for me the wedding night (it’s not what you think but it’s kinda personal).. and yh I also got a surprise sunset photo shoot.. it was so cute cos i love pictures..
faith-6faith-7 faith-8 faith-9
What advice would you give other couples in the planning process?
For all intending couples.. a professor told me something he said ‘something must go wrong no matter how little it is, when it does, make a joke outtr it’ and yh things went wrong but it was fun how we became happier and laughed at silly mistakes.
I want do this with my man all over again and forever
faith-10faith-and-tosins faith-and-tosins-1 faith-and-tosins-2 faith-and-tosins-3faith-and-tosins-4 faith-and-tosins-5 faith-and-tosins-6
Photo @tarjphotograpy

Asooke : @tietieswand
Brides outfit: @cassandrabright11
Couple Handles : @faith.feejay


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