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We all know that true love can create a great story. It can be for anyone, it can be your soul mate, your girl friend or boyfriend, your family member or anyone else who you think is important in your life. Real African Weddings gives you a golden chance to share your stories with whole world.

We have this golden opportunity to make a Love Registry. Come and record your messages below.

What you can do is you can share your love stories below via our comments form, once we will review it, we will publish it for the whole world to read. You can share your name and address if you like.

Your love story will be here forever on our website. So what are you waiting for just send us lovely stories like how did you meet your partner, how much difficulties you faced kind of things.



  1. My love story started on February 13 2015, when I was employed as Secretary in a Law Firm and he was one of the lawyers in the chamber.
    He approached me and told me his feels for me.
    but I didn’t accept because he is more educated than me and not my class me, you see; coming from a lower class people really make me to be sacred to accept him, but finding out his not a pompous type and many attributes he has made me to accept and fall in love with him.
    And now, we are seriously in a relationship…
    one thing like about him is that he treat me like a queen which I thought I am not and I will continue to be his queen…

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