“The Spark was Ignited” – Adenike and Dare’s Love Story and Beautiful Wedding 

We are delighted to present Adenike and Dare’s love story and beautiful wedding to our wonderful readers who will find their pictures quite insightful and sensational.

We wish the couple happy married life.

How we met;

Adenike’s narrating; .

“I met Oludare when i was posted to Kano for my service year through a friend of mine. I was contemplating of redeploying back to south western states but he was busy trying to convince me to stay back in kano. In my mind, i was like ‘Chai! This guy can talk and talk and talk’
Few days later, i went for my call to bar and we started talking frequently. He is a friendly and passionate person, i think that attracted me more to him.
Did i stay back in Kano? Yes, i did and became his wife…
“I have always wished to celebrate my birthday and wedding on same date”
He proposed to me 2 years ago on my birthday and we got married on my birthday as i have wished.

Dare’s narrating;

I met Adenike in 2013 when she was posted to kano for her NYSC through a mutual facebook friend. I was at the camp to host the welcome party for corps members. We exchanged contacts and from there, the spark was ignited.
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What was the best highlight of your wedding day?
The best highlight of my wedding date is when i saw my wife in the traditional aso oke. That is the first time i will be seeing her in complete traditional iro and buba.
What advice would you give other couples in the planning process?
My advise to couples is to upgrade their level of tolerance for one another and remain committed to one another.


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