“The Sweetest Guy” – Faith and Tosin’s Love Story and Pre-Weddings Shoot

love story
How they met? Faith narrating; I used to see him around once in a while and I noticed he was slim and cute.
He walked up to me one day and asked for my number. I was surprised because we don’t talk but i gave him Sha. After giving him my number I thought to my self that if he’s ever gonr ask me out I wouldn’t accept cos I kinda like chubby guys. He called me and asked if i could invite him over to my house and I reluctantly invited him after a while. We became friends and and he asked me out but i didnt accept until 8months after…(the story is long ooo).. but he was the purest heart I ever met and the sweetest guy ever!
He proposed on my birthday 2years after and it’s a countdown right about now?
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Photograph by @tarjphotography