Tolu and Hassan’s Gorgeous Lagos Wedding | Godwin Oisi Photography

Tolu and Hassan are such a lovely couple and its an honour to be part of their bigday. Here is the beautiful love story of the couple as told by the bride.

I was already friends with Hassan’s younger sis(Mariam) who I met through my best friend(Mope).  On my birthday Mariam put up my picture on her DP so Hassan saw it and asked her who I was (so he got interested in me first). I remember she sent me a bbm message asking me if I was seeing anyone and asked me to send lovely photos of myself…Lol, I told her I wasn’t seeing anyone and sent her a couple of pics..she then went on to say she wanted me to meet her elder bro who was based in Lagos and also sent me pictures of him and I remember thinking “this dude ain’t bad at all” . I had a positive feeling after seeing the pics(that had never happened to me). He called me that day to wish me happy birthday and told me he would be coming to Abuja for his friend’s wedding so we could hang out. We then started talking a lot over the phone and I was loving everything about him already but was nervous about meeting him face to face cuz I thought (what if)the spark faded after we meet. But i’m glad to say it sure didn’t and he came to abuja and I was glad my best friend was there to cushion the anxiety. The rest is history!




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Ones of the things I love about Hassan is how unbelievably romantic he is. He had already spoken to my best friend (Mope) and elder sis (Toyin)who are based in abuja about his plans. So on the 12th of February 2015 my best friend (Mope) asked me to follow her to do some shopping after work, I didn’t realise she was trying to stall me and Hassan was already at her house, all this while I thought he was in Lagos cuz we were chatting all day and he did a great job at throwing me off. So after shopping we got to Mope’s house and I saw a couple of my other friends there but did not suspect anything. I saw red balloons on d floor and some valentine decor and was praising her husband (Femi)that he’s sooooo romantic (didn’t realise it was for me). Femi then told all of my friends and I to turn around, close our eyes and count to 10, saying he wanted to give his wife a special gift. So we all turned and was counting, I remember thinking “what could this special gift be” and that’s what my mind was focused on. When we reached 10 I remember turning to see Hassan right in front of me with a bouquet of roses and balloons, I was stunned and I opened my mouth for a few seconds…Lol then his friends also came out with my sister it was absolutely amazing. He then got down on one knee and started giving a speech and I didn’t hear anything cuz I was still recovering from the shock couldn’t believe it was actually happening. All I heard was Tolulope Abdul will u marry me and of course I said yes.

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I look forward to spending the rest of my life with the man of my dreams, the man Almighty Allah ordained for me. A man who has shown me love that I never thought existed anymore. Also look forward to building a family and a home filled with laughter, joy and happiness.

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Godwin Oisi Photography instagram- @godwinoisi

Makeup : @dimplesignature

Brides Dress: Styletemple

Bouquet: Michi Gabbi

Groom’s Outfit: Kimono Kollection

Reception Dress: Sally Bawa, Bridesmaids Dresses: Lady Biba

Venue: Granduer Events Center ,Ikeja Lagos