Traditional Customs of Western Weddings

If you want to hold your wedding ceremony in church, you should know some regulations of the church first. Generally speaking, one party of the newlywed should have joined the church if they want to hold the wedding ceremony. Some churches may not have so strict control, but the newlywed should contact the church and make everything clear in advance. You should go to the Department of Civil Affairs to receive marriage certificate and go to the church to confirm the marriage date with the priests.

In addition, a western wedding also has some traditional auspicious customs

The bride throwing an embroidered ball: the one receiving it is going to get married soon.

The groom throwing the socks: the one receiving it is going to get married soon.

Something Old: wedding dress, head-wear or jewels passed down from mother, symbolizing receiving all good things.

Something New: gifts presented by friends, such as skirts, embellishments, symbolizing new life.

Something Borrowed: anything borrowed from anyone. It is said it will bring luck in making money if you put the gold or silver borrowed from some rich friend in shoes.

Something Blue: little blue embellishments or bouquet indicate the purity and virginity of the bride.

1.       Diamond Betrothal Ring: this tradition originates from the 15th century. The great duke of Austria named Messy Millen made vow of eternal love to Marry with a diamond ring. His trusted follower offered his advice in the petition, “Your highness, you must present a diamond ring in the engagement.” Messy Millen followed his advice. This ceremony has been handed down for several centuries since then.

2.       The bride should wear a pair of gloves: a pair of gloves is the token of love. In medieval century, many gentlemen send gloves to their dreamboats to make a proposal. A woman will wear the gloves when she goes to the church on Sunday if she has promised to his proposal of marriage.

3.       Ancient people think that the blood vessel of the wedding finger of left palm leads to heart directly. Grooms of Medieval wear the wedding ring on the 3 fingers of brides in turn to indicate the trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the wedding finger of left palm is considered as the finger that English-speaking countries will wear a wedding ring traditionally.

4.       Diamond: the highest symbol of love. Heat and pressure breed crystalline diamonds. Diamond is the hardest material as far as we know. In ancient time, people do not know the tool and technology to cut diamond. Therefore, diamond becomes the symbol of eternal love, heat breeding diamonds symbolizes passionate love.

5.       A Christian bride wears white veil to symbolize purity and joy or blue veil to symbolize purity as the Virgin Mary. It is said that the granddaughter named Nellie Wallace of the First Lay called Massa Washington wear a white scarf at her wedding ceremony and created a fashion. This is the origin the bride wear white veil.

6.       White has become the symbol of festivity since brides wear white wedding dresses in classical times. During Victoria Times (1850-1900), white is the symbol of richness and happiness. Later, the meaning of purity and virginity has been enhanced and the noble position of pure white wedding dress is established. Remarried women can use pink or sea blue to distinguish from first marriage.


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