10 Ways To Win A Guy’s Heart

10 Ways To Win A Guy’s Heart

Are you afraid of losing him? So you have been in love with this guy from long and you can’t afford to lose him. All you want is to just win his heart so that he never wants to leave you. Don’t worry! Here we are to help you win his heart with some magical tricks:

Cook for him
The universal rule to win a man’s heart is to cook as they say that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Cook his favorite dishes and surprise him with a candle light dinner. He is likely to be a huge fan of your food and will always crave for it.

Wear lingerie
Obviously the idea of lingerie came for men and not women. If you want him go mad over you then simple put on your super sexy lingerie and seduce him. Do it gracefully and make sure you don’t look like a tramp or things will take U turn.

Be confident, not desperate
Ask your friends, who are honest, about your behavior when you are around guys. Do you look confident or desperate? Confidence makes you look great and graceful while desperate behavior is a serious turn off. Avoid touching him repeatedly or trying to sit next to him. Instead just be yourself.

Give him his space
The key is to avoid being clingy. Live your life and let him live his life. He will feel proud that he has a confident, independent and smart wife/girlfriend. Don’t just be his mother or act like a spy. He has his own life and you have your own life.

Appreciate him
Always appreciate his values and thoughts. But don’t be just a follower and express your thoughts freely. Guys love to be appreciated for what they are. You must acknowledge your guy’s good habits.

Know his friends and family
Generally girls tend to envy the friends of their guy. But you must value those who are closer to him. The more you know his friends and family, the closer you will get to his circle. His family and friends will also appreciate you.

Make him laugh out loud
Guys like girls with good sense of humor. A good humor in a smart, beautiful and sweet girl is like a cherry on the cake. Make him laugh with your jokes and spread happiness. He will love your company and will want to spend more time with you.

Learn to forgive
Practice a forgiving behavior. Do not drag the small things and make a big atom bomb out of them. IF he does things that you don’t expect him to do then its ok. Nobody is perfect. Discuss things you don’t like calmly and then see the change. Fights just spoil things, discussions don’t.

Know his interest
If your guy is a big movie junk then know a bit about his favorite movies so that you can take part in his conversations. You don’t need to change your taste but just know a bit about his favorite genre so that you can talk a bit. He will be impressed to see your awareness.

Respect him
Every guy wants to be respected by his girl. This is the first thing that he wants in a relationship. Always respect him and his decisions. Let him take the decisions and be a part of his thoughts. A guy would never want to date a girl who does not respect him.