Wedding Tips for the Bride

There are a lot of things that a bride has in mind to plan ahead for her wedding. She might even be perplexed on where and which to start with. Below are tips for the bride that may help her prioritize on things for the wedding.

10. On Timing. Timing is a fundamental part in planning a wedding. At the most, a very early planning is the recommended timing. At least a year advance will do. Even if its very early and you are not yet sure of what exact things to do and consider, you may start planning from the ideal and essential parts and it will eventually materialize in time.

9. On Wedding Invitations. A very important aspect in budgeting for the wedding is the number of guests. Thus, it is important that the bride sends the wedding invitations early to get possible feedback on who is coming and who is not. This way, you get a more close to realistic headcount important for the wedding planning.

8. On Wedding Gowns. The bridal gown is another thing that will take time considering the period from deciding on the design, the designer, and the materials to use. Aside from the bridal gown, the bride might also decide to take on the design of her entourage, so this might add to the time needed to complete this aspect of a wedding. It is recommended that the bride start planning on the wedding gown as early as after the engagement.

7. On Wedding Shoes. It is a given that sexy, strappy high heels are the best match to a stunning wedding gown. These will be great for the ceremony and the picture taking. However, these high heels are not that great for the after-ceremony events like the reception and the after-wedding party. Thus, it is recommended that the bride prepare a nice, comfortable pair of shoes to wear after the ceremony and the picture taking.

6. On Getting a Wedding Planner. Most wedding planners, especially the cream of the crop, are booked a year or two before weddings. Thus, it is important that you make certain that the wedding planner that you are negotiating with is committed to the date and timing of your wedding. Otherwise, you might end up disappointed on no-show eventualities or a non-committed planner who might take your wedding plans on second priority.

5. On Wedding Venues. The wedding venue is a major aspect of your wedding. This shall give you the atmosphere you would like to have on that special day and this shall be the backdrop to all your wedding memorabilia. Thus, it is important that you plan the wedding venue early on to ensure that you make the best decision.

4. On Wedding Decors. Brides are actually the more particular on the decors, secondary to the wedding venue, this is as important as this will dictate the mood and atmosphere of your wedding day. It is important that you decide on the motiff and theme that you would like to use for your wedding to make sure that this compliments to the other aspects of the wedding like the gowns and the venues.

3. On Make Up. This is not that critical to plan very early on like the other aspects of a wedding discussed in this article. However, it is important to plan this some weeks before the wedding to make sure that the make up you choose fits your skin type. Aside from that you have to experiment on the types of make up and the colors you would like to use to blend with your motiff and theme. It is important that the bride becomes the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. Thus, it is fair enough to put some extra time ahead to plan the type of make up and colors to use. It is even recommended that the bride do a practice make up days before the wedding and see the effects of the make up in pictures.

2. Food on the Day of Your Wedding. It is important that the bride takes a healthy nourishment before the day starts. This should be a very long and exciting day and you would not want to ruin your day with stomach cramps and hyper acidity. It is important that you take a balance meal that can last the long hours of socializing and enjoyment for this big day.

1. Wedding Day “Emergency” Kit. It is important that you have a wedding emergency kit that is filled with emergency stuff that you might need. This might well include:  make up kit, a travel size sewing kit, a clear nail polish for stocking runs, an extra pair of stockings, and a first aid kit that has aspirin, lozenges, band aids, hand cream, tampons, breath mints, etc.