What Lip Color Should You Be Wearing?

Whether you’re into makeup or not, adding a pop of color to your lips is one of the best ways to upgrade your look without going overboard. It’s super easy to apply, it makes your lips stand out, and the right shade can make you feel more confident. Even better, there are tons of options that you can choose from, and this only makes the process of trying new lipstick colors even more fun!

But have you ever wondered which lip color would be the perfect fit for you? I mean, which shade actually fits your personality, rather than the color you just really like? Should you be showing off a bold, highly pigmented color that will turn heads, or a subtle nude that will give your lips a more natural and polished look?

Wearing lipstick is a great way to make your lips pop, but if you don’t have the right shade to go with your skin tone, it won’t make your lips stand out in the best way (or at all). So for example, if you have medium skin, you should probably avoid nudes because they are very close to your skin tone and will give you a washed out look


Whether you’re fair skinned, olive skinned, or dark skinned, it’s important to use colors that will complement your skin tone well.