How did you meet?

I met OJ Flowers at Arizona State University where I was attending graduate school.  We met in the student Union where everyone would hang out between classes.  OJ played football for ASU and would walk thru the student union.  I remember telling my friends how cute he was.  OJ and I ended up just being good friends since we were both dating someone.  We both graduated and lost touch with each other.

Fast forward to around 15 years later, we found each other on Facebook.   We talked back and forth on Facebook about how crazy it was that we both ended up in Atlanta and we agreed to get together one day soon.  That “one day” turned into a courtship, engagement and marriage.  I told him that I loved ‘flowers”.  He asked me, “What would you do if I gave you “flowers for life?”  His last name is Flowers, so I totally melted.


The marriage proposal was a total surprise to me.  It happened Saturday August 2, 2014 at Praise in the Park, a free inspirational concert that myself and the radio station I work for, Praise 102.5 / 102.9 put together at Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta.  OJ had worked with my boss to arrange an on stage proposal.   In the midst of working the event, I got called to the stage.  I resisted going to the stage at first wondering why in the world am I needed there?!  Once they finally got me to the stage, one of the Praise personalities made it seem as though I was getting an award.  He read off some accolades (which was a blur to me) and then the next voice I heard was that of OJ!  OJ then proposed to me right there on stage in front of 10,000 people!  I happily accepted!   Our wedding date was May 16, 2015.  Watch the proposal here:

What was the best highlight of your wedding day?

The highlight was actually something I had dreamed of as a little girl and that was walking down the aisle to my King.  That was MY one moment where people were gasping, smiling, crying, taking pictures and just totally admiring me.   It was as if the world stopped for that moment.  My groom even started crying as he watched me walk down the aisle.


L5What advice would you give other couples in the planning process?

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  The stuff we worry about, more than likely your guests wont even notice.  I was stressing about getting these long stemmed artificial flowers that we were going to hand out to our guests at the end of the wedding.  I took time to find them, create a cute little saying to attach and half of the guests didn’t even take one or they left it at their table.  Cute idea, but I could have saved that energy and expense for something else.   Do not over think anything with your wedding.  People are just happy to see you and your groom exchange vows.



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